The Push 2 Film - by Dänna Wilberg
"The Producer"
 by Dänna Wilberg
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"The Producer"
Award Winning Selection for "A Place Called Sacramento" 2012
Ever wonder what happens when we die? Evelyn "Ev" Godfrey believes we are producers of our own lives... to the very end. 
On her deathbed, Evelyn tells son Adam, he must choose his cast and crew more wisely...
 Adam thinks she's "out of her mind"... but is she?
"The Producer", inspired by true events, is dedicated to the late Sonia Dennis... my dear mother, best friend, and editor.
Victoria Goldblatt
as Evelyn "Eve" Godfrey
 *   *   *
Thank You  Sharon Robinson owner of Grape Video for helping us host auditions!
         GrapeVideo Productions
Corporate Headquarters:
1787 Tribute Rd. Suite J
Sacramento, CA 95815
Phone: (888) 898-9907
*   *   *
THANK YOU to Sister Mary Austine O'Conner  at Mercy McMahon Terrace!
The Sister and employees at Mercy McMahon welcomed us on June 22nd for our first filming day. The Sister provided us with a Chapel to film in,  arranged for our cast and crew to have a green room, with complimentary iced-tea and cookies, and to top it off, she also agreed to play a role in our movie! What a natural! Some of the residents even jumped in as extras! We are so grateful for everyone's patience and generosity.
Mercy McMahon Terrace  
Assisted Living
 3865 J Street
 Sacramento, CA 95816
 *   *   *
BIG Thank you to Rob Tilitz - Cedar Room  Bar for providing a location for one of our scenes. 
5932 Madison Ave  Carmichael, CA 95608 
(916) 332-9071
 *   *   *
Thank you to Mark S. Wilcox, owner of  Girasole Pizza for his generous food donation!
2700 East Bidwell St. Suite 500
Folsom, Ca. 95630
    "LIKE" Girasole on Facebook!
     *   *   *
    We couldn't have done it without help from 
    Connie Mockenhaupt  TPTA Artistic Director, CEO, Box Office Manager, Director, Choreographer at
     Sutter Street Theater 
    717 Sutter Street
    Historic Folsom,
    CA 95630
    *   *   *
    We are so grateful to Judith Bommer, owner of 
    Amber House Bed & Breakfast, who said "YES" when asked if we could film on the premises!
    1315 22nd Street Sacramento, CA 95816 | Phone: (916) 444-8085
     *   *   *
    Thank you to Anthony from KARMA Lounge and Cafe` for providing our cast and crew with  delicious platters of food!
    727 A Sutter Street
    Folsom, Ca. 95630
    Phone (916) 293-8868
     *   *   *
    Some people can make your day. Rick said "yes" to a request to feed our crew without hesitation! We certainly appreciate his support!!
    702 Sutter St., Folsom, CA 95630
     (916) 351-1430
     "Like" on Facebook!
     *   *   *
    Thank You! To all the wonderful folks who were happy to help us out!
    Panera Bread Company
    380 Palladio Parkway
    Folsom, Ca. 95630
    (916) 984-4953
     *   *   *
    Folsom, Ca.
     *   *   *
    1012 Riley Street
     Folsom, CA 95630
     (916) 934-5998